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Nadiia Pliamko is a Ukrainian artist who uses outdated methods of interpreting reality and modern means to prepare them. The artist uses modern 3D plasticity to sensorily reveal pressing common doubts. Her current period of creativity is characterized by a synthesis of magical realism, a result that she obtains from classical images and modern dissonances. Since 2007, Pliamko has participated in more than 20 group exhibitions and 3 individual exhibitions. Over the years, her artistic technique has undergone many transformations. Starting with the digital imitation of analog drawing, she also passed ideas through sculpture, collage, and finally through a combination of painting and 3D. All these techniques highlight the heart of her creative path: the decorative alternation with a non-linear surrealist narrative supersaturated with logical symbols that seek to guarantee a convenient reading of complex phenomena. In the connections between objects, a range of interpretations of various experiences and entities is posed, in order to show their versatility.

By combining academic experiences at the Institute of Contemporary Art, the British School of Design, the Center for Psychological Counseling and certified software centers, Pliamko develops visual language at the intersection of these disciplines.


Nadiia Pliamko