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Joseba Elorza, also known as MiraRuido, was born in Vitoria-Gasteiz, a small city in northern Spain. He studied to work as a sound technician, but his artistic interests pushed him towards collage, a technique he has been practicing for more than 15 years. Shortly after publishing his first works online, he received his first commissions for different magazines. Since then his illustrations have been seen in publications such as Esquire, Wall Street Journal or Hollywood Reporter among many others. In his eagerness to continue developing his technique, in 2013 he began to animate his collages, adding the dimension of time to his work. With the publication of his first animations, the first commissions began to arrive, with music videos being one of his main focuses of interest and winning multiple awards for them. Since then, he has directed and animated videos for bands like Green Day or brands like National Geographic Channel or Amazon Studios among others.

During these almost two decades of creative career, he has combined client work with small personal projects that have served as a spearhead for his creative development. MiraRuido uses copy and paste as a technique to de/contextualize the general knowledge, re/configure our senses and re/mix the known past with the unknown future. His works show us snapshots of a different world, in which everything seems to be possible and imply a sense of ironic humor addressed to the society, showing ordinary, well-known things in a confusing new way.



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