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Mehmet Görkem is a self-taught motion designer born in 1986 in Istanbul, Turkey, where he still lives today. He studied civil engineering at Istanbul University, but eventually chose not to make it a career. In 2009, he became a professional motion designer and worked on the design of opening credits for television series and films. In 2018 he became an independent artist and finally found time to work on his own works.

Passionate about animation and portrait photography since the age of 14, Mehmet has always considered that images tell us more than words. He thinks that before understanding a concept, one must first feel its nature, observe it for a while. Then a mimic emerges, a gesture, a form of life that we will be able to perceive and that is what his work focuses on. In his surrealist moving portraits, the mimics of the characters are so likely that they seem to come to life. To create, Mehmet is inspired by music as well as portraits. Often, the portrait tells him a story and the music helps him to animate it. He was always impressed by the paintings of Elisabeth Vigee Lebrun and the music of Hinkstep.


Mehmet Görkem