Matthew Hughes is a generative artist based in Sheffield. After obtaining a master’s degree in computer science at the University of Sheffield in 2019, his interest in generative art, which he confronted on social networks and at conferences, grew. He then began his own artistic activity. First with a pen plotter, he gradually evolved into a purely digital art practice and started working with 3D art using Blender. Playing between the procedural nodes of software, and his own creativity on python scripts, he explores the possibilities of the various tools he handles to try new things and direct his creativity.

His main goal is to engage viewers by capturing their gaze. He plays with mathematics and code, on various software, and enjoys exploring new things, and new formulas. Very often, he voluntarily writes a line of code that he knows to be false, and unusual, to be surprised and discover new computer rendering. This is how his favorite projects were born.


Matthew Hughes

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