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After her degree in art history and a master's degree in cultural management, Marine Bléhaut became an artist in parallel to her profession as a graphic designer. Inspired by anonymous photographic archives, experimental cinema and several references in contemporary drawing, she creates video collages, drawings and photography. Her video collages, or film collages, are made from fragments of archives. For Marine, the archives as fragments of our memory and our stories are an important raw material, to realize other fragmented stories, to explore the fragile and obscure parts of the human and our collective memory. With this visual language that is fragmented by nature, Marine seeks to create new perspectives on our strengths and weaknesses, our bodies and our minds, with an immersive character.

In this continued spirit of fragmentation, Marine also draws abstract and cellular works in ink, and is currently working on projects of archival details reinterpreted through drawing. Interested in AI, she also works around intimate memory and anonymous photographs generated by AI. The artist is part of the New French Touch collective, and is represented in the catalog of the '100 women to follow in NFTs' by GxrlsRevolution, a collective founded by Annelise Stern and JessyJeanne, and participates regularly in exhibitions at IHAM Gallery and the NFT Factory, curated by Benoit Couty and Lucie-Eléonore Riveron.


Marine Bléhaut

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