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Marco Martínez is a digital artist based in Chile. His research focuses on the possibilities of the link between light, sound and space and on how this combination can provoke particular emotions for the viewer. His work focuses on unconventional projections and the creation of real-time audio-reactive visuals. He uses many tools and software - Modul8, Madmapper, Garage Band, among others. He works with real-time video editing, sound field recording and design, and video mapping. Marco is mainly inspired by what nature can teach him. He observes, listens, and imagines new possibilities. In his research, he focuses primarily on the infinite possibilities of organic processes present in nature and its imaginary worlds.

He participates in the festivals Mutek BA, Anecoica Berlin, Mapp Tokyo, Le Festival off D'Avignon, Fuga, and Womad. His work is also shown in collective digital art exhibitions at the Ely Center of Contemporary Art Connecticut USA, XS Gallery Kielce Poland, MarMuseo Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Centro Cultural de España de Buenos Aires, Free the Pixels! and the Wrong Biennale Digital Pavilion. Finalist with the work "Panspermia" for MINUTE MAPP TOKYO 2021. In October, presents "Geometria de las Esporas" at the digital art meeting "Anecoica" at Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport.


Marco Martinez Farias