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Luzroja is a visual artist based in Panama City whose emotional approach to the world is particularly bold. Her art is her medium for expressing her emotions and stories, which she tells through the colours, dancers, conversations, music and words that inspire her. The way she plays with all these elements allows her to transmit through her works a feeling of romantic enthusiasm that arouses a euphoric feeling of vulnerability. Luzroja is also fascinated by video art and considers his work as "screen painting". Her work thus consists mainly in an exploration of sound and image as a whole. Today, she is also working to create audiovisual experiences in collaboration with other artists; such as dancers, musicians and designers. She thus manages to create a singular fusion between movement and music, and to provoke paradoxical feelings of nostalgia and excitement among the spectators.

Luzroja studied graphic design at the Savannah College of Art and Design from 2014 to 2017, and subsequently developed a self-discovery video editing technique using tools such as photography, Adobe After Effects or Adobe Photoshop.