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Luigi Honorat is a French artist based in Tokyo. Specialized in the fields of sculpture and graphic arts, he studied the concept of sculptural practice in a specific way, detached from material concerns. For this, he works on numerical studies and decompositions of classical and abstract volumetric forms. It should be noted that this distance from material preoccupations does not imply freedom from the sculptural coherence of his works. For example, when he builds, he always keeps in mind how his digital works could be transformed into physical sculptures. Each element of the work is therefore reflected, feasible, whether it is the material or the technique. What is particularly interesting in his approach is the search for balance and an association between the concrete and slow dimensions of material sculptural creation and the abstract and rapid dimensions of digital creation.

Luigi studied sculpture at the Musashino University of Art in Tokyo, where he is now a professor, in addition to his practice as an independent artist. He has already worked for major brands such as Apple, for example, and has exhibited many times in France and Japan (National Art Center, Fuchu Art Museum, Ome Art Festival, etc.).


Luigi Honorat