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loudsqueak creates unique works that simulate and transform the various properties of nature. Through explorations of bold color, meditative motion, and juxtaposition of various dimensional spaces, loudsqueak uses distorted physics systems to move the viewer through common feelings and experiences.

loudsqueak's work has been on display in many different capacities. He was part of the "New Weave" exhibition that was installed at the National Museum of Singapore in early 2021; the exhibition has since moved to Brisbane, Australia where it is currently on view. His work was also featured as part of "NFT Art Berlin" described as a "synthesis of art and electronic music" installed in April 2022 at Kraftwerk in Berlin, Germany. Most recently, select works from his de.saturate collection were curated as part of the 2022 Korea International Art Fair, as well as part of a pop-up installation in the LA Film Festival.