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Kara Garnier is a French graphic designer and 3D artist from Toulouse. With a range of techniques to her credit, she devotes herself to learning processes and tries to transcribe into her art the things that touch her visually. Kara’s practice revolves mainly around music because, according to her, it is "the most difficult and beautiful thing to restore". Using Blender and its many possibilities to explore this notion, Kara is also interested in music and love, which are the two main pillars of her work. Her practice has only one purpose : to create emotions.

After two years as a freelance graphic designer, Kara becomes Artistic Director at Blacksword. In March 2021, she launched 44 Bis Studio, a creative and inclusive textile upcylcing boutique of which she is the co-founder. She hopes to collaborate in the future with creatives with similar passions and, ultimately, share her messages through graphic design when words are not enough.


Kara Garnier