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Kaoru Tanaka is a self-taught digital artist based in Osaka, Japan, who creates generative art and real-time experiences. She finds her inspiration in her dreams and the nature of her daily life, but also in the work of John Maeda, a visionary designer and technologist she particularly admires, who defined the fundamental laws of how computers think, and explained why it was essential to care whether you were a programmer or not.

Using various 3D and 4D tools, including the TouchDesigner software, she experiments, iterates and visualizes what she feels through visual installations, videos and real-time interactive works. She enjoys exploring visual feedback loops that are based on repetition and influenced by interaction to create unique new worlds in the digital realm. She thus seeks to understand the relationship between organic human nature and the mechanical nature created by computer programming, and to bring together the apparent opposites of order and chaos.


Kaoru Tanaka