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Joanna Wlaszyn is a Franco-Polish interdisciplinary artist and researcher who lives and works in Paris. Her works fuse visual language with conceptual experience to create a new type of hybrid aesthetics. Her artistic practice integrates both traditional and new media through digital art. Focused on technological change and the ever-changing post-digital culture, her work explores how technology challenges our perception of today’s reality. Rather than distorting reality, Wlaszyn tries to create alternative interpretation accessible to all. Trained as an architect, Joanna Wlaszyn holds a PhD in Critical Theory of Architecture from Université Paris-Est.

Joanna has published numerous scientific publications exploring the impact of digital technologies on the visual arts. Her work has been the subject of international exhibitions in museums, galleries and art festivals: The Wrong Biennale IN ABSENTIA Pavilion, CICA Museum in South Korea, Athens Digital Arts Festival ADAF in Greece, Artifact Exhibition at the Biennale internationale d'art et de design de Saint-Étienne, LACADA Center in Los Angeles, ADNEC National Exhibition Centre, Abu Dhabi, ON-OFF Gallery in Paris and Untitled Space Gallery in New York, among others.


Joanna Wlaszyn

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