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Jildert Viet was born in 1993 and is a Dutch audiovisual artist currently based in Utrecht. He specializes in the construction of generative systems and is interested by abstract geometric structures. He creates his works from algorithms in order to explore and push his own limits while maintaining maximum control over the machines. His work is mainly expressed through video, live performances and installations.

Jildert developed a passion for jazz piano early on. After high school, he decided to study music and then moved to Utrecht to join the conservatory. He understood that he preferred the computer to the piano. After a year, he changed programs to join the Music Technology section, where he was introduced to programming. For him, the power and relevance of music technology lies in the fact that music is also based on logic and mathematics. Jildert then built his own visual software using OpenFrameworks and SuperCollider. His creative process always begins with sound design. When he finds the sound interesting, he structures it in time, arranges patterns like rhythms, etc. Then it is only after this stage that he produces the visual part of the work.


Jildert Viet