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Michigan born, Brooklyn based painter, Jeff Kraus’s approach to paint is immediate, compulsive, and rhythmic. Scores of spontaneous movements dragged, scratched, and pressed onto surfaces, Kraus’s work emphasizes the performative act of mark making transcribed through formal explorations of material. Arrested, yet humming between states of transience and permanence, energy flows through material to inform hazy environments populated by eroded, quasi-architectural fragments which vibrate, slip, and recede. Direct and visceral, the experience of Kraus’s work holds the viewer in a present corporeal awareness while the residue of past movements map distant spaces void of place and time.

The artist's practice includes painting, digital video, sculpture and NFTs. Kraus has been featured in Architectural Digest, The Wall Street Journal and Emergent Magazine and has exhibited across the US, including at Pace Gallery (New York). His work considers particular locations that were critical to the process of making the work.


Jeff Kraus

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