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Javier Soler Esplugues is a 3D Artist from Spain. Javier's love for the creative world comes from his past in videography/photography, in which he had a long career creating video clips, extreme sports contest reports, nocturnal events, videos for corporations, etc. At a certain point during this time, he realized that he wasn't actually creating stories, but rather simply recounting what was happening in front of him. He had the freedom to choose the shots, music, angles, etc., thanks to the editing, but Javier noticed that he was missing something: creating his own stories. When the artist discovered the 3D World, he realized the potential to really create amazing stories and artworks from start to finish, without needing extra equipment - just a computer and the imagination.

A self-taught artist, Javier slowly but surely fell more and more in love with the possibilities that 3D gives to the artists, the freedom to create whatever they want. Since, he has worked for many clients, including Reebok, Adidas, Lego, Taittinger, etc. Although he loves creating animations for clients, Javier's passion remains his personal work, where he is able to push himself and tell the stories he wishes to tell. Thanks to his body of personal work, the artist has been exhibited worldwide, including in Florence, London, Berlin, and more.


Javier Soler