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Paris based sculptress, Hermine creates her universe inspired by the feminine lines of the female body. Passionate by sculpture since a very young age, Hermine seeks to represent generous, proud sensual women, all imbued by a strong and protective tone. Once imagined, the shape is drawn before beginning a long dialog with the material, doing and undoing the work until each piece comes to life in a perfect balance of curves and movements. Then she starts the process of finishing touches giving to each piece this unique sensual texture. Her work is an ode to every women. Hermine sees each woman as a potential sculptress of life, that’s why she often places a circle inside her work, to represent a womb or the Earth, homonym of her material of choice, that same Earth that nourishes us, Gaïa.

Hermine also gives a second life to her sculptures on a digital level, she uses digital art as a material of exploration and creation. As a traditional sculpturess, she finds it very liberating to defy physical universe laws through digital works where terrestrial gravity isn’t a constraint ; enabling her to play between static and kinetic, material and inmaterial.


Hermine Bourdin