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Alex Zabei Vorota, better known as Ghost, is a Moldavian special effects artist based in Qatar. He has been doing 3D art since the age of thirteen, and became a professional artist at 19. He studied in Paris and spent a few years working alongside French CGI artists from the old school in the Digital District, Mundocom and Multiply studios. This artist particularly likes to work on effects, especially soft bodies, fluids and particles, and is inspired by the unusual things that nature offers us.

Alex’s work is characterized by its astonishing realism. As evidenced by his famous work on octopuses in 3D, he is indeed able to create the illusion of truth about his creations, to the point that this specialist of special effects managed to make his audience believe that his octopus in computer-generated images was real. The most surprising thing is that he testifies that he never intended to deceive or abuse anyone, but his eyes got so used to seeing this octopus after days of endless labor that he was no longer able to express an opinion as to its realism once the piece was finished.