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Born in 1991, Gaël Corboz is a Swiss digital artist and photographer who lives and works between Lausanne and Geneva. Corboz has established a distinct visual identity through the creation of his breathtaking fantasy worlds, where giant mushroom fauna, suspended volcanic rocks, and scintillating fireflies cohabitate. Through the use of vibrant color and bloom effects, the artist’s magical atmospheres appeal to each viewer’s capacity to immerse oneself in these worlds; to dream and revel in a land that is not their own, and could never be in the confines of reality. Corboz’ primary sources of inspiration are art historical paintings, nature, and photography. He is also a fan of heroic fantasy literature, which inspires his daily work.

Gaël Corboz has previously created 3D digital artworks for Swiss luxury watchmaker Zénith, which were displayed in Zénith galleries in Dubai, London, New York, Milan, Hong Kong, Geneva, and Paris. He also worked for Gucci in Paris in 2020 and participated in a 2021 group show at Espace Commine during Paris Photo. In 2022, one of his most recent artworks was selected to be exhibited in Times Square, New York during NFT NYC. The artist has also made an NFT in collaboration with the Adidas store in London.


Gaël Corboz