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François Vogel is a French artist, researcher and director born in Meudon in 1971 who creates short films, music videos, commercials, video installations and photographs. His world, as absurd as it is poetic, has the ambition to manipulate our perception of reality, stretching it, distorting it, fragmenting it… Thus, for this artist, passionate about the principle of distortion, the discovery of the pinhole was a major event in his career. This small hole drilled in a black box allowing to make photography without lens allows the light to go directly from the real world to the image, just through the air. It’s pure and almost mathematical. He searched for the maximum geometrical possibilities of this process by twisting the photographic paper in the box, crumpling it, folding it, etc. Later, he found a way to reproduce these twists using a computer.

François Vogel uses digital or optical tools to distort reality. The images he films are trapped by spatio-temporal deformation devices that modify them without altering them. He thus diverts our perception with new laws of perspective, plays with our gaze, manipulates our vision and plunges us into a distorted and singular universe.


François Vogel