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Felipe Goldsack is a digital artist and freelancer who works in 3D and motion design. He is originally from Santiago de Chile and has a background in graphic design. 3D and CGI have been the artist’s passion since 2012. Despite many years of experience in this field, Goldsack has never ceased to explore and learn many tools to obtain new creative solutions and artistic avenues.

Felipe Goldsack’s work has enabled him to participate in the production stages of various creative projects, from 2D artwork to 3D, virtual reality, animation and mapping. Apart from his freelance work, the artist has developed a solid body of personal, purely artistic works with a distinct approach and signature. For him, it is a way to continue to evolve, to learn and to surpass oneself in order to communicate through art. Goldsack’s artistic goal is to communicate through the image by mixing interesting color palettes with stylized shapes and environments, to produce fantastic worlds with pastel colors that appeal to the senses and emotions of the viewer.


Felipe Goldsack