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Nenad Katic (Dr Formalyst) is a "minimalist designer by day, and a lunatic 3D artist by night". As a designer, he has spent 25 years developing architecture projects, hundreds of websites, video games and mobile and mixed reality applications. However, being Dr Formalyst allows him to step back from his design work and experiment with new possibilities in a creative way without the weight of rational thinking. He expresses ordinary emotions and everyday situations by working at the boundary between figurative art and abstract art. He usually fuses objects from real life and human figures and then visually transforms them until it becomes impossible for us to recognise them.

He exhibits his work internationally and at various events including the Design Museum in London, the Hyperspace Gallery in Lisbon, Chat Des Rue Gallery (Haifa) and the Kinomural Festival (Wroclaw).


Dr Formalyst