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Dmitry Zakharov was born in 1986 in Moscow. He is a new media artist based in Cologne and Berlin. His works demonstrate his aesthetic sense for colours, textures and fabrics that often involve fluids, flashing lights and anatomical shapes. In his works, he examines the fundamental aspects of humanity in interaction with the digital world in which we live. He addresses issues related to life and death or space and time, visualising them through innovative media technologies. Thus, he transforms these very abstract subjects into tangible experiences. The artist’s progressive approach finds its roots mainly in his experience as a musician and VJ as well as in his keen interest in zoology. His diverse experiences are found in his works and produce a unique blend of abstract forms and organic structures.

Dmitry is an adventurer who explores not only the infinite possibilities of digital art, but also cultural life, social norms and nature. With his free spirit, he likes to break conventional methods to create a new aesthetic. He also takes part in individual exhibitions, participates in festivals and collaborates with other artists and musicians.


Dmitry Zakharov

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