As a new media artist and designer of immersive and interactive installations, Dimitri Thouzery (dith_idsgn) first studied science before moving on to the field of plastic arts and contemporary art. It was only in 2017 that this artist based in Toulouse took the turn of the digital arts and made it his main practice. He likes to explore new ways of interacting using various sensors and databases to create new user experiences. He sees this new art form as a way to connect to something universal and challenge reality. His sources of inspiration reflect his interest and talent for the audiovisual field, as they range from experimental techno to dystopian science fiction essays.

Dimitri develops his installations through different types of sensors (kinect, eeg, databases) and the Touchdesigner software, which allows him to interconnect different interfaces and generate his works. He has already exhibited around the world: from Japan (Visuals for LoH) to Mexico (Visual for Light Of Hope mapping) to the Netherlands (Dutch Design Week) and many more countries.


Dimitri Thouzery

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