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Dávid Maruscsák is a Hungarian new media artist. He started studying art in high school. During these years he worked as VJ and was invited to play in various clubs in Košice. After graduating, he joined the Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. In addition to his studies, he worked as an independent artist. He is mainly known as a video artist in theatres and as a 3D animator in mapping projects. He also became a member of the Secret Mapping Experiment group. Interested in Brutalist architecture, his main interest is to create mapping projects in various abandoned places.

In 2020, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in media design. He then moved to Hong Kong and worked as a research assistant in Christian Sandor’s AR-Lab. In this laboratory, he deepens his knowledge of generative art in real time. Inspired by AR-Lab mentor Jeffrey Shaw, he began working on immersive systems such as VR, AR, and the Gallery 360 omnidirectional visualisation system. He currently works as an independent media artist. His main interest is to develop interactive works of art for immersive systems.


Dávid Maruscsák