Che-Yu Wu is a cutting-edge generative artist and computer scientist who specialises in creating immersive audio-visual experiences. With a Master's degree in Integrated Digital Media from NYU, Che-Yu has developed a deep passion for virtual and augmented reality, leading a team of interactive designers at an A.I. company and co-founding the innovative projects FABDAO and Project %. Che-Yu's work has been exhibited around the world, captivating audiences and inspiring other artists. His pieces have been showcased on Artblocks and FxHash, among others, and use particles, shaders, and mathematical formulas to transform the organic world into digital art. His approach is versatile, encompassing everything from meme creation to modern art to high-profile business collaborations. Some of his notable projects include Sea Hams, CryptoPochi, and partnerships with White Castle and McDonald's.

As a generative artist, Che-Yu is dedicated to exploring the potential of digital art to have life and soul. He uses NFTs to create digital life and imbue his collections with unique personalities and characters. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of interactive digital art and is committed to shaping the future of NFTs with a distinct sense of life and soul. With his expertise in physics, math, music, and art, Che-Yu creates digital art that is truly alive and full of soul.


Che-Yu Wu

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