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Bonjour Lab is a creative studio dedicated to the production of interactive and immersive experiences. Since 2013, the studio has been combining new technologies and visual poetry to offer tailor-made and limitless creative experiences. The studio mixes visual production techniques from the field of VFX (visual effects) and motion design (2D, 3D, animation) with real-time imaging techniques from the field of video games. It specializes in the production of generative visuals.

Tools used include real-time production tools and their programming languages such as Unity 3D, Java, OpenGL or Javascript. To this are also added the suite Adobe, Cinéma4D or Houdini for example. The sources of inspiration of the studio are wide as they extend to the field of art and design as well as to nature in its broadest sense. Bonjour Lab tends to explore the notions of shapes, movements and materials that can be found all around us. The studio works for corporate headquarters, showrooms, trade shows, malls, flagships, signature events and cultural institutions.


Bonjour Lab