Arseniy Lubkov is a Moscow-based Russian artist who explores the limits of visual language using new media. In his works, he uses any space as canvas, and all forms of artificial intelligence systems and latest achievements in technical fields as tools. He thus generates real-time graphs using creative coding and a small dose of randomness. His main sources of inspiration are techno music, mathematical and organic patterns, as well as linear geometry.

Arseniy’s early passion for art, academic drawing and painting led him to the Moscow Academy of Arts, S.G. Stroganova, where he studied industrial design. At the Bang Bang Education School of Online Design and Illustration, he then studied the effects of neural networks in graphics, then at the University of Heaven, he specialized on the issue of media installations. He has participated in the creation of media installations at ArchMoscow, as well as at the Mars Gallery, Lumiere Hall and MUTABOR during the AV-Show. As a permanent member of the SINCHRON interdisciplinary team, he has also participated in all events as a VJ and lighting designer.


Arseniy Lubkov

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