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Alexandre Tamisier is a motion designer and 3D artist born in France, in Clermont-Ferrand. After a professional degree in graphic design, he trained himself in digital art, a field in which he quickly specialised. In particular, he developed his 3D skills by applying himself to master multiple software such as Houdini and Redshift. Thanks to Houdini, he multiplies modelling, animations and simulations, whileRedshift allows him to finalise his works.

Alexandre’s work has already been exhibited at several universities in the United States (Baltimore, New York), in his hometown in France, as well as in stores in Hong Kong for commercial events. His artistic universe echoes his passion for science-fiction visuals that fascinate him and inspire him to create scenes of lost civilisations, wild nature and alien planets. This first inspiration joins his fascination for nature in general and more particularly for the living world. Nothing intrigues him more than the evolution of species, both animal and plant. Ernst Haeckel’s work is thus an inexhaustible source of inspiration in his work, as well as the work of artists such as Sara Masuger, Ivan Seal and The Caretaker.


Alexandre Tamisier

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