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Pullman Tour Eiffel

In partnership with Artpoint, the Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel offers you the experience of digital art. Each month, discover the video artworks of four of the most cutting-edge digital artists of the moment on the sumptuous wall of screens located in the lobby. Find out more about the current exhibition here!

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Claire Droppert

Claire Droppert is a Photographer and Visual Artist based in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. She is also known on Instagram as @claireonline with over 335k followers. Claire's trademark in her work focuses on serenity, simplicity and silence. She has a fascination for remote places and desolate landscapes and she aims to capture the essence of natural elements in a unique way. In this vein, the artist focusses on minimalistic subjects combined with unique editing styles, which result in a signature of images that have a dreamy, ethereal look. Within her work, the artist hopes to leave a positive, emotional impact that inspires others.

Claire's work has been exhibited in national and international exhibitions in New York, Paris, Brussels and Rotterdam and has been featured in publications and international media sites including The Huffington Post, Wired, ABCNews, Lightroom, Gizmodo, This is Colossal, Fastcodesign, Design You Trust, Fubiz, Crispme, Bloginity, Bored Panda, Photographyblogger, Apple and Ellen DeGeneres. She has also had the honour of creating commissioned work for brands such as Adobe, Canon, Strongbow and BMW.


Flower Power - Dynasty

The 'Gravity' series entwines and encapsulates the natural elements of earth, wind and flowers. It demonstrates how these key elements can help to create an image of free forming beauty. But not for long...

The flowers are captured in the flower- and tulip fields in the Netherlands during their short period of blooming. After that, they are chopped, since they are grown primarily for the bulb. Their existence is dictated by the elements that help to create their power. Witness them at their maximum power.

'Flower Power' is the second series that form part of my Gravity project, of which 'Sand Creatures' was the first in line. In my Gravity project, I aim to capture the earths different elements as they stand alone in their natural surroundings, using moments of zero gravity. I think it is interesting to see the different behaviors of those elements in gravity and to experiment with their amazing surroundings.


Hamza Kirbas

After studying graphic design at the University of Silesia in Poland, Kırbaş completed a Master’s degree at the Hacettepe University Fine Arts Institute in Ankara, Turkey. Kırbaş’ multi-disciplinary practice encompasses 3D visuals, 3D animations, sculptures, installations, site- specific installations, and augmented reality. His works are conceived and shaped as a communication model between space, time and the audience. He takes subjects from daily life to establish links with the past, future and present. In particular, he transforms the moment we live into images that reflect the global scale and the effects these events have on our lives whereby the viewer is solicited to become an active participant.

Kırbaş has exhibited internationally. Venues include most recently the group show Presence at Cuchifritos Gallery and Project Space (2022, New York); Morrow Collective 50 years of the UAE Virtual Metaverse Exhibition (2021, Dubai); 34th Festival Les Instants Video (2021, Marseille); IN-SONORA 11 International Festival of Sound and Interactive Art (2021, Madrid); Video Art Miden, Meta-Thesis exhibition (2020, Greece); Cuvo Festival ‘Teen Game’ 2020 (2020, Madrid); FILE Festival (2019, São Paulo); 18th WRO Media Art Biennale (2019, Wroclaw); Hyperpossibility at CENTRALE FESTIVAL 11 (2019, Italy); SIMULTAN FESTIVAL XIV. (2019, Romania); 32nd European Media Art Festival (2019, Germany); BIG for the Wrong Biennale (2019, Copenhagen); Under the Subway Video Art Night 8th edition at JCC Harlem (2018, New York); VIDEOFEST2K18 at the International Biennial of Video art and Contemporary Film (2018, California).


Let's Go - Horizontal

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital art, a series of captivating artworks emerges, inviting viewers on a journey through the intricate intersection of playfulness, daily life, and the continuum of time itself. These creations, collectively titled "Gaming the Spectrum of Existence," are a mesmerizing exploration of how the concept of gaming metaphorically weaves together the threads of our past, present, and future.

These artworks beckon us to reflect on our own lives as a grand game, where we are both players and creators of our experiences. Through this lens, the mundane routines of daily existence take on new depth and meaning, revealing hidden layers of beauty, wonder, and excitement that often go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of life.

But the magic of this digital artwork goes beyond the present moment. The artwork also invites us to consider the past and the future. The artist captures fragments of the past—nostalgic echoes of childhood games, dreams, and memories. Yet, these works are not mired in the past; instead, they transcend time, offering a glimpse into a future where playfulness remains a guiding force, fostering creativity, innovation, and joy.

In this series, digital art becomes a bridge—a bridge that connects us to the timeless power of playfulness, that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, and that reminds us that life itself is the ultimate game we are privileged to play.


Moonwalker Art

Dany Vo and Vy Vo, a dynamic artistic duo known collectively as Moonwalker Art, illuminate the creative landscape with their visionary works. United by a profound love for both nature and fashion, their artistry breathes new life into the familiar, infusing it with a captivating sense of surrealism. From their earliest days as budding artists, Dany and Vy found solace and inspiration in the natural world around them. Drawing from childhood memories and the innate beauty of their surroundings, they honed their craft through years of exploration and experimentation. With a foundation rooted in traditional artistry, they embarked on a journey of self-discovery, continuously evolving their techniques and perspectives.

What sets Moonwalker Art apart is their unique collage-style approach, a visual language that reimagines the familiar through a kaleidoscopic lens. Each piece is a symphony of textures, colors, and shapes meticulously arranged to evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue. Through their art, Dany and Vy invite viewers to transcend the ordinary and immerse themselves in a world where reality and fantasy converge. As technology emerged as a dominant force in the artistic landscape, Dany and Vy embraced the shift, seamlessly integrating digital tools into their repertoire. Their adaptability and willingness to embrace new trends have allowed them to stay at the forefront of innovation while staying true to their artistic vision.

With Moonwalker Art, Dany Vo and Vy Vo invite you to embark on a journey of exploration and imagination. Through their collaborative efforts, they continue to push the boundaries of creativity, reminding us of the boundless possibilities that await when we dare to dream.


Orchids Reimagined 2 - Horizontal

In the uncharted reaches of a distant cosmos, where the laws of nature take on an entirely new dimension, blooms an orchid unlike any other. Its petals, not bound by earthly constraints, cascade in surreal arcs, resembling the delicate brushstrokes of a cosmic artist. Each blossom is a testament to the infinite possibilities of organic form, defying expectation with its whimsical geometry and ethereal hues.

These orchids emerge from the alien soil like visions from a dream, their stems weaving through the atmosphere with an otherworldly grace. Illuminated by the distant glow of unfamiliar stars, they exude a soft, iridescent light that seems to emanate from within. Their fragrance, a symphony of unknown essences, fills the air with a tantalizing allure, beckoning explorers from across the galaxy to witness their unearthly beauty.


Samuel Péloponèse

Samuel Péloponèse is a French art director and 3D artist based in Paris. Inspired by the world around him and stimulated by a strong desire to learn new creative methods and techniques, Samuel constantly challenges his limits to expand his creative possibilities to new horizons. This allowed him to develop multiple skills in Graphic Design, Motion Design, UX/UI Designer, 3D, Photography, Videography, Branding, Visual Identity, Illustration, which he was able to put into practice during various personal and professional projects.

Trained in art direction and digital design at the e-artsup school, Samuel continues to develop his art practice as a Graphic Designer at Big Bag ‘n Go.


Tennis#ALL - Horizontal

"This work is the result of a 3D experience, revealing my progression on the way to surpass oneself. This project was inspired by my sports practices and the many inspirations that have accompanied me throughout my life. This work allows me to open up a little more to the world."
Tennis#All is part of a 3D motion design series that takes you to the heart of the project’s vision: tennis.