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Pullman Tour Eiffel

In partnership with Artpoint, the Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel offers you the experience of digital art. Each month, discover the video artworks of four of the most cutting-edge digital artists of the moment on the sumptuous wall of screens located in the lobby. Find out more about the current exhibition here!

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Johana Kroft

Johana Kroft is a 3D artist from the Czech Republic, currently based in New York. After living in London, traveling around the world, and establishing an art studio, Idea & Maker, she works worldwide. The most important thing the artist is to communicate deep emotions through her artwork, and thanks to the digital medium, keep her art alive forever. She interprets her colorful aesthetic in 3D worlds, using various styles and techniques. She loves to combine different shapes, colors, and surreal spaces into one frame where she tells a story. More recently, she has started to work with AI software as a part of her process for inspiration.

Johana's biggest successes include two exhibitions in China, art installations in NFT NYC, Decentral Art Pavilion Venice Biennale, Women and NFT, Show by Paris Hilton - Empowered By Paris - Sevens Foundation, and Czech Design Week 2021, 2022 exposition, ArtGee x SuperRare Spaces Exhibition | Randomness and her illustration for New York Times.



Ethéra is the Goddess of Women's Empowerment, Protector of NFTs and Watcher of Cryptocraft. She was born on the Ethereum blockchain to connect all the female and female-identifying artists and creators, leading them through their creative journey and protecting against haters. She is a symbol that represents digital beauty, creative justice, and freedom of expression. Her Mind was minted as an NFT to celebrate female power in the digital and crypto community.

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Pola Rubis is the CEO of Neosutras, a curator, movement designer, a multidisciplinary phygital artist-innovator with a Master’s in Art. She is a pioneer of visionary healing art, representing the Asian & USA community. She has also been an NFTNYC speaker, SuperRare featured artist, Black Dove resident artist, wellness advocate, and is an author focusing on progressive conscious art, mental and physical health education, Crypto-ART and integration of the latest world technology such as: 3D, VR, AR, and volumetric tech.

Pola is WEB2 & WEB3 bridge builder that is making a shift in crypto and traditional art culture. Her work has been featured all over the world at art fairs such as: NFT NYC, LA ART Show, Liverpool London, NFT Paris, CADAF ( Paris, NYC ), Art Basel ( Miami ), NFT Asia Bali, Singapore, Futurist Conference Canada, Art Crush World Tour Paris, Project22 ( Dubai ), Nematic Gallery featured artist ( Carmel By The Sea ), BREATHE Convention 2023( Las Vegas ), TEZOS Foundation and more. Her collectors are legendary artist Coldy producer Katerina Gecmen-Waldeck, CEO of premium NFT platform Makers Place - Craig Palmer. Pola was always interested in subjects of human potential and spirituality learning from masters such as: Bob Proctor and Anthony Robbins. Her friend and photography mentor was a world-known photographer Gueorgui Pinkhassov ( Magnum France ).



Creation of new media that exceed the boundaries of the usual, beyond the limits of ordinary experience of dance & new age art.

In collaboration with KOLEKTYW

Performance: Pola Rubis, CYBERYOGA



Sebastian Pfeifer (AKA everfresh) is a digital animation artist and musician with a fascination for human behavioural patterns. His colourful, whimsical loops are driven by his music, which he produces prior to animating, to make sure every movement will be wrapped into a warm musical blanket. Influenced by visual and sound aesthetics of the 70s as well as contemporary digital art, his surrealistic animations take the viewer into an immersive world of smooth fluidity.

In additional to his work as a digital artist, Sebastian has worked for notable clients such as Logitech, LD Systems, Smyths Toys, and more.


Letting Go

Sebastian Pfeifer (AKA everfresh) is fascinated by human behaviour and people's inner emotional states. In his work, this is communicated through dynamic, fluid movements accompanied by impactful soundtracks that incite profound emotional reactions in the viewer.


Petra Voice

Petra Voice is a contemporary digital artist known for her unique approach to creating generative artworks with great attention to details, combining abstract and figurative art. From early years Petra had interest in art, studied at an art school and obtained a bachelor's degree from the State University of Culture and Arts.

Using artificial intelligence, she infuses her art with a sense of femininity and grace. Through her exploration of the AI world, she is using AI as a limitless source of inspiration. Petra has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of AI-generated art. Her artworks have been exhibited in galleries around the world, featuring in cities across the USA, UK, Canada, Italy, France, Korea, and Japan. She continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in this exciting new medium.


Threshold of Reality

In the moments when the world around me pulses with life, every breath feels like a symphony. Faces, ever-shifting, flow seamlessly from one to another, a kaleidoscope of humanity. Colors and hues meld and dance, blending effortlessly, painting a vivid canvas of transient beauty.

Part of Exhibition "What Dreams May Come", in Seoul, Korea at Uncommon Gallery x Superchief Gallery NFT (September 1st - September 9th 2023)

Assisted with AI

Petra Voice, 2023