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Yana and JUN are the minds behind BÜRO UFHO, an award-winning design studio based in Singapore. An acronym derived from Euphoria, UFHO is an extension of their design philosophy: To create meaningful solutions that not only inform but delight. Since 2008, they have crafted compelling brand experiences for global clients such as Apple, Adobe, and Vogue, through illustration, animation, AR, and identity design. Their technically sophisticated work across mediums has been recognized by organizations such as D&AD, ADC, and TDC, and publications like ComputerArts, DigitalArts, and IdN.

Operating under the moniker Kittozutto, Yana and JUN explore meticulous detail with dreamlike illustrations depicting feminine figures in soft airbrush to symbolize the ephemeral nature of beauty and remind viewers of life's impermanence. Their surreal artworks have been exhibited internationally in Tokyo and Barcelona, and featured in publications such as Juxtapoz and Lürzer’s Archive. They were among 70 artists invited by Adobe to celebrate Photoshop’s 25th Anniversary. Whether through BÜRO UFHO or Kittozutto, Yana and JUN channel their artistic passions by integrating technical skill with emotive storytelling, creating lasting visual works that immerse and inspire audiences. This fusion of creativity and innovation defines their multifaceted creative practice.


Yana and JUN

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