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Robbin Snijders, also known as warbb., is a digital and 3D artist based in the Netherlands. Robbin has a background in graphic and motion design and has been working in the commercial visual design sector for the better part of his life. The artist began his career by creating flyers for clubs and festivals around the world. Today, alongside 20 people who work with him in his own branding agency, he creates designs for events, companies and major brands.

As of two years ago, Robbin used his technical skills and limitless creativity to dedicate his life to his alter ego, ‘warbb.’ By cutting himself loose from any corporate restrictions and boundaries, he grew into a successful artist within a short period of time. His work has been displayed in numerous galleries and exhibits around the whole world, in creative and international cities such as New York, Paris, Miami, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, Berlin and Sydney. Robbin's modern, colorful, digital 3D art, infused with a touch of escapism and fantasy, speaks to the hearts and minds of many around the globe. Viewers are encouraged to get lost in the world of Warbb, allowing their creative senses to be awakened and stimulated.



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