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Violet Forest is a new media artist and creative technologist based in Miami, Florida, in the USA. After obtaining her Bachelor of Art degree from Florida International University in 2012 and her Masters in Fine Arts from the Art and Technology Department at the Art Institute of Chicago, Violet began to work with various different materials and software, moving from photography, experimental video and and performance art during her undergraduate studies to tools like Processing, Unity, and app development during her Masters. During her studies, Violeta co-founded Cybertwee with Gabriella Hileman and May Waver, a collective that explores intersections of femininities, feelings, and technology with a focus on community and education, especially education in digital privacy. Work from Cybertwee has been acquired by Rhizome, the leading art organization dedicated to born-digital art and culture, affiliated with the New Museum in New York.

Violet's artistic practice is mainly focused on finding new processes and techniques with emerging technologies, continuing to explore the cybertwee aesthetic through interactive Web Art, Game/Virtual Reality Art, and GAN art, to name a few different media. She has shown my work in solo and group shows at institutions like Birmingham Open Media (UK) & Berlin Transmediale Festival, as well as participating in prominent online exhibition such as 'E-motions', curated by renowned AI artist Claire Silver for Unit London Gallery.


Violet Forest

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