Vincent Schwenk is a 3D-Artist who has expanded his visual skills into multidisciplinary fields. After graduating from BFA in Graphic Design from FH Augsburg he started his freelance career in art & design. He worked across many fields, from designing album covers, to corporate branding, conference identities and all forms of digital art.

He concentrates on the physical irregularities of abstract objects, mostly playing with futuristic, candy-colored constructions whilst exploring their artificiality. In his works, organic digital energy expands its body through unrealistic spaces, where the artist fuses them with fluid sculptures and vibrant installations. By using transformative installations and converting digital sculptures into moving images he expresses his artistic drive through self initiated projects. His work challenges form in these pervasive spaces and brings them into new contexts, where he invites the audience to imagine alternative realities.


Vincent Schwenk

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