Vincent Rang (1989) is an experimental visual artist who works primarily with moving image as a medium. He believes in the power of moving images and audio as a gateway to another world. He explores the themes of time, natural rhythms and symbiosis with audio. His gaze is often directed towards the natural dances of life. He observes, captures and reorganizes these various motifs, whether wind patterns, water currents, blooming flowers, landscapes or rock formations, to create abstract audiovisual experiences, offering the spectator enough space to find his own truth and interpretation in the work, and above all, to feel them.

His latest ongoing project, "Pillars Of Creation", shows an aquarium filled with water in which he creates a live choreography using various materials such as inks, plants and light, that he captures with a macro camera and then projects onto a large screen, creating living paintings larger than life. This project led to the creation of Home, a live audio-visual show that he presented at Het muziekgebouw aan’t IJ and the Nxt Museum.


Vincent Rang

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