Victor Doval is a Spanish architect, designer and artist specialized in algorithmic composition. His work revolves around breaking the boundaries between oneself and others. He uses the relationship between mathematics and nature as a source of purity and a key to reconnect us to our essence. After completing his architecture studies in 2012, he became very interested in parametric and procedural design, which helped him find a way to express himself in generative digital art. 

His works have been exhibited at MediaLab Madrid, the Museu Valencià de la Il-lustració i la Modernitat (MUVIM), the Politecnica University of Valencia, the Lusíada University of Lisbon, the Casa de Cultura de MontSerrat, at SeAlquila Proyecto and at many other venues and events. As a digital artist, his work has been presented on the whole net, including on pages like Vice or The Verge, up to television on channels like Discovery Channel or RTTV. Its main dynamic exhibition is its own blog "Light Processes", which started as a secondary project and now has more than 50,000 followers.


Victor Doval

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