Valeria Vicente is a young Mexican video artist and graphic designer based in Mexico City. From the age of 14, she put her skills at the service of digital photography. Classical dance and singing have been key elements in making his work evolve in real time as part of live performances. Valeria draws her inspiration from the streets and architecture of Mexico City, from the aromas, the blurring of her first memories, the beauty of decadence, error, her roots, love and life.

His work as an experimental videographer is part of the spectrum of analog performative action and virtuality that repairs the wear and tear of personal and collective memory that causes distorted memories that "corrupt information." She is currently studying graphic communication design at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana and teaching in hands-on experimentation workshops with still and moving images. Her work combines the creation and reappropriation of video elements that she owns or has found. This ranges from re-recording videos using photographic filters and various translucent materials from CRT TVs and LCD screens, to mixing inks and oils as layers and then digitally reinterpreted with "databending” or “data corruption”, using mainly code and software.


Valeria Vicente

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