Valentina Herrera Gentile is a Mexican digital artist and designer whose works include interactive installations, procedural animations and video mapping. She is currently completing her undergraduate degree in Media and Technology at Centro Diseño, Cine & TV in Mexico. His work explores a variety of techniques and tools, using software such as Touchdesigner, Houdini, After Effects, Cinema 4D and many others. She is also beginning to explore the world of artificial intelligence using software such as Runway to experiment and explore the possibilities of making art using neural networks.
In her work, Valentina uses different conceptualization techniques based on the message and theme of the work, but her inspiration is still her own experience. Her work generally focuses on past trauma, pain, and difficult moments in life that we need to learn from. His plays are open to interpretation and thus represent a permanent questioning of our individual human experience and how there is always room for light in darkness. Through the materialization and abstraction of her feelings, she is able to shout to the world how she feels without having to tell her story.


Valentina Herrera Gentile

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