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Valentin Pavageau is a French illustrator and visual artist born in Nantes in 1990. After high school, he chose to study art, and more specifically graphic design and illustration. In 2013, he graduated from Atelier Guist'hau-Rollin, where he was able to discover graphic arts and explore different creative techniques. He later moved to Brussels where he still lives today.

While he used to work mainly in drawing, especially with pen, Valentin is gradually reorienting himself towards digital collage, which he will eventually combine with the drawn illustration by interweaving influences and techniques. His work is influenced by various but neighbouring influences, such as op-art, psychedelism, vintage, symbolism, etc. in short, a universe of surrealism and dreamism. From these multiple inspirations stem works of singular and hypnotising atmospheres, loaded with geometric compositions and warm colors. Inspired also by the work of artists such as Terry Gilliam, Wes Wilson, Neo Rauch and Klaus Voormann for example, Valentin likes to put characters on stage in huge, even infinite spaces. His works provide a paradoxical feeling of vertigo and balance. Vertigo of infinite and stunning spaces, balance of shapes with perfect geometry.


Valentin Pavageau