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Tyler Spangler is a digital artist based in California. At university, he first studied psychology, convinced that at the end of his studies, the logical next step for him would be to work in a psychiatric hospital or to be a psychologist. But he realizes a little later that his real passion was artistic creation and that it would not make sense for him to persist in the field of psychology. He then decided to take a few art courses at a community college to study Adobe programs and was accepted to the Art Center College of Design for graphic design. This change of direction marks the beginning of his artistic production.

In his work, Tyler enjoys playing with color and animation, often interchanging bright colors with old black and white photos, merging different worlds and bringing old-fashioned two-dimensional photography into the age of color and GIFs. He describes his way of working as "a little obsessive", as he went so far as to create and share 2,000 works in a year. According to him, the main themes of his art are anxiety, vibration, harmony and contemplation. Through these themes, he explores how we interact with technology, saturation and emotion.


Tyler Spangler