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Jason Burris (aka TrinarySunArt) is a self-taught artist who creates procedural and computer-generated abstract images to explore the human-machine interface. The idea of generating words, images and entire worlds from a few lines of code fascinates him so much that he has created his own generators that create imaginary languages, alien creatures and even maps of absolutely unique planets. He then likes to give them a human touch, although it is very rare that he places a human trait with his own hand in his works. He prefers to modify only what the computer has created. In this way, most of the images it produces result from a cooperation between the machine and the human.

TrinarySunArt is inspired by nature, the cosmos, old psychedelic album covers and, more generally, anything that catches his eye or stimulates his imagination. It creates with various tools, including noise generators, javascript libraries and reliable programs like Photoshop. As a curious and talented artist, he also likes to constantly try new tools such as image editors based on applications for example.



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