Tom Coben is a 3D artist based in the United States. Through his personal work, the artist explores reality distorted by animation, which calls into question the confidence and sense of stability we find in reality. By creating hyperrealistic 3D worlds that could be found in urban centres or in nature, Coben creates an environment that the viewer can identify with and see themselves in. All of a sudden, these worlds begin to shake uncontrollably, as if the viewer were immersed in an earthquake in a vortex, which effectively destabilizes our perceptions of what is real, of what is concrete.

In addition to his personal work as a 3D artist, Coben has produced animated graphics and visuals for various clients such as Skype, Whirlpool and music clips for Half Alive. He also sells his works as NFT's on popular NFT exchange platforms.


Tom Coben

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