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The Dink is an award-winning designer, animator and digital artist based in London. The Dink’s work focuses on the detailed exploration of movements and textures. Taking a topic of interest, such as the different types of brushes that come from different countries and cultures of the world, The Dink takes a critical approach on how to reimagine and give life to everyday objects, creating a magic moment from the ordinary. In his series Brushes, The Dink creates a scenario in which inanimate objects come to life and almost acquire personality and character. In doing so, viewers of The Dink’s works are immersed in a fantastic universe, and can marvel at the attention paid to detail and the quality of the technique that The Dink implements in his work.

The Dink and Director of his own studio and has worked for prestigious customers such as Amazon and Ballantine’s. The Dink has also produced a trailer for "The Big Show", the one-man television show of the famous comedian Michael MacIntyre on BBC One.


The Dink