The Alchemist, whose real name is Abhimanyu Krishna, is a generative artist born in India. He discovered his appeal for digital art in the 2010’s using the Adobe Creative suite. During the pandemic, Abhimanyu opened up to other software such as P5.js and CSS, then TouchDesigner and Houdini to create more procedural works. From illustrations, to manipulations of photographs, to artificial intelligence and machine learning, he tried everything he was excited about. He now seeks answers to his questions and cultivates his inspiration through Generative Art.

His art reflects his interest in atoms, death, aliens, magic, which touches the intellectual, the meaning of life, to distant galaxies. It also tries to remind the viewer of sensory reminiscences such as smells, but also emotional as happy and unhappy memories, which prevents them from sleeping at night. The Alchemist is inspired by men and women who have depth, who express themselves with emotion, those who have ideas that constitute magic for the masses, pure Alchemy.


The Alchemist

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