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Takuma Nakata is an independent visual and spatial computer artist based in Kyoto, Japan. This colour-blind artist grew up in Brazil, Senegal and Indonesia, making him a truly cosmopolitan artist with a wealth of life experiences around the world. He is passionate about movement and interaction, converting virtual phenomena into physical experiences. It is this passion that motivates him to enlighten the world with new visuals, it is what drives him to creativity.

Takuma studied visual design and media philosophy in Kyoto, but also interaction design in the Netherlands. It is in the framework of his studies that he has really taken a passion for the design of procedural landscapes based on digital technology and the visual. It finds its inspiration in the philosophy of the media as well as in music and cinematography, or in the singular landscapes of Kyoto. He has designed a variety of interactive installations to attract audiences to the immersive world of technology and visuals. Its main tools are software such as Blender or Unreal Engine.


Takuma Nakata