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Stephanie Varela is an author-director, Doctor of Cinema and artist, working through different visual and invisuel mediums, from performance to photography to painting. His universe is pictorial, sensual, colorful, and is characterized by a particular grace and poetry. The organic accident and the radiance of the "paint material" are at the heart of his work. It is this fundamental presence of palpable pigments during the genesis of the works that make all the specificity of Stéphanie VARELA’s creations that intervene plastically before giving "in fine" to her works a digital form.

Revealed to the general public in her first major solo exhibition on the Canal+ "Nowhere Else", Stéphanie has pursued an artistic career in France and abroad. In 2010, for her work "Readymade", she collaborated with such great names as Pierre Tchernia, David Lynch and Jean-Pierre Raynaud… His film '1971, Motorcycle Heat' has been selected at several festivals around the world and won the Best Image Award at the Champs Elysées Festival, PAMA 2017. Today, it is the world reference for “Animated Painting”, an art that it diffuses both in galleries and on screens. Stéphanie VARELA regularly produces music videos and commercials for Atlantic Records, Orange, etc. and works in camera teams for the series “Bref”, "Bloqués", "Serge le Mytho", "Cher Journal"… but also for fashion (DIOR, Lancôme...). She is also the author of the reference book "La peinture animé, entre peinture et cinéma” dedicated to this art."


Stéphanie Varela