Silvia Fabiani is a Doctor of Letters and director with an atypical and varied career. This artist masters 3D animation, real-time animation and video mapping. She is also a specialized teacher passionate about art and stage. Former educational advisor at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Geneva, director for numerous associations, international organizations and television channels; Encouraged by a few awards, the artist finally turned to theatre and live performance. Fascinated by the scientific world, Silvia Fabiani is interested in the dizzying world of particle physics, as well as algorithms that seem to dominate phenomena as diverse as the growth of flowers and the development of galaxies.

Silvia sees the digital image as a real material, which, unlike physical materials, is constantly renewed and transformed. She has created video sets for many shows and has worked in venues such as the Grand-Théâtre de Genève, the Théâtre Beaulieu de Lausanne, the CERN Globe of Science and Innovation, as well as festivals such as Agapé de Genève, the Musical Gardens of Cernier and the Improvisation Festival of the HEM of Geneva. She lives in Geneva but travels easily in Europe and elsewhere. She speaks Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.


Silvia Fabiani

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