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Jakub Malec (a.k.a Serge or Sergeposters) is a 26 year old artist based in Poland. Jakub's practice emerged from a strong interest in graphic design, more specifically poster design, where he became well-known on social media channels for his gradients and minimal compositions. More recently, moving from the 2D to 3D realm, Jakub has started creating animations in his ethereal and dream-like worlds, inviting viewers into distinct universe, characterised by vibrant colours and high-contrast gradients. The artist's work communicates an alternative plane of existence that is otherworldly with a touch of cyberpunk, whilst he simultaneously grounds the pieces through concrete natural elements such as desert sands, flourishing sunsets, and ancient stone pillars.

Jakub has worked with multiple high profile clients throughout his young career, most notably with LUSH, Ford Motors and Hewlett Packard. He is also active in the Web3 space, selling his artworks as NFTs.