Rolands Zilvinskis is a 3D artist and independent motion designer, currently based in Riga, Latvia. He focuses on the creation of highly detailed and conceptual works of art that are strongly inspired by the themes of science fiction, dystopia and social media addiction. Films such as Interstellar have had a considerable impact on the subject of his work, and through his works, the artist communicates themes such as loneliness in a technological era or the concept of home. Although the visual approach of Zilvinskis can be considered dystopian or inspired by cyberpunk, the deeply human concepts approached by the artist give rise to sensitive works that appeal to the emotions of the spectator.

Zilvinskis' interest in design and the creative field developed through photography, which he adopted shortly after his arrival in Ireland in 2008. During his photographic practice, the artist had already begun to explore fantastic worlds through Photoshop montages and post-production. Finally, Zilvinskis turned to 3D as a means of communication, where the impossible in terms of space capacity and world-building could be achieved.


Rolands​ Zilvinskis

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