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After a bachelor’s degree in science, industry and product design at the University of Salford, Rich Wells started as a freelance designer for 3 years. He is now Creative Director at Yoomee. A photographer at heart, he captures moments and makes 3D digital collages in which the viewer is invited to travel.

Paradoxically, it is when the screens are far away that inspiration comes. He confides: "When I go out into the hills, my perspective changes - I remember how small and temporary life is. I’m not the center of the universe. Those roads, those trees, those skies have been there forever and will be here long after I die. But I’m here right now and I want to enjoy it, enjoy this moment, this place, this gift. To stop and be grateful." Rich Wells's approach consists in capturing the moment, through images, and sounds, then reworked on computer. The digital collage allows Rich Wells to combine in a single work of art all that makes the richness of an instant, giving it a value of eternity.


Rich Wells