reelaesthete (Heidi Mason) is a US-based post-conceptual and new media artist. Her practice explores the boundaries of space—collapsing imaginary, real, and virtual—with special attention to color and animation through a variety of new mediums, including code and 3D. Central to her work is the concept of tranquil, third spaces—environments that are neither home nor work-related. In "Third Space Garden," she imagines a floating garden where one can fly or walk through flowers and wander among the dappled shadows of blooms that defy space, gravity, and traditional flower morphology. Along a similar but distinct path, her other recent work delves into new dimensions using code. In “Quantum Murmurations," dynamic forms appear and disappear, tracing ethereal movements, dancing, swimming, and glitching across digital planes.

Her art has been collected by many and featured in exhibitions and screenings across the US, Europe, and Asia. After years of travel and living in Chicago, Paris, and Denver, she now creates from a secret moon base hovering somewhere over the East Coast.



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